Jacob Sartorius “EAT IT OR WEAR IT” Challenge Video with Collins Key Reviews

Jacob Sartorius “EAT IT OR WEAR IT” Challenge Video with Collins Key Reviews- Before starting this blog let me tell you that I am highly against wastage of food in any manner. Last week heartthrob Jacob sartorius and Collins Key created a video on concept ” Eat it or wear it” which was loved by the die hard fans but few of them are highly offenced by this.

Here are the review of the Video created by them “Eat it or Wear it” and see how people have roasted them to perfection in comments.

Jacob Sartorius “EAT IT OR WEAR IT” Funny Comments and Reviews-

Lemme me show you that video first-


Some of the Best Comments which has Roasted both of them are as follows-

Like i dont like jacob, nore hate him, but everywhere i go that has jacob in it, the comment section is way to full of kys,like hes only 13 and hes getting this much hate,i dont care if you give me hate for this, but if you think hating for yourself makes you look “cooler” on the internet, you’re wrong, like, cyberbullying should be illegal now days, like theres no more omg hes so ugly! on the internet its just drink bleach, and kys,like??? Can you not find a better comeback?? So people you should leave him alone, its getting waayyy to old -_-
Funniest Comment by Zoly-
Boi, Jacob eats nothing 😂 that’s why he’s so skinny 😂 still love ya jacob 💙
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